• Steel Tyre Storage Portable Shelves Metal Frames Stacking Racks

    Steel Tyre Storage Portable Shelves Metal Frames Stacking Racks

    Optimise and standardise your tyre warehouse or tyre distribution centre by using only one rack model for all your passenger car,SUV and light truck tyres. The Passenger and light truck folding rack for tyres keeps tyres, or even tyre/wheel assemblies, of different sizes easily accessible when stored on tread. Its versatility allows you to stack 22 folded racks next to your loading docks to quickly unload and store your tyres.
  • hot blast heater

    hot blast heater

    The hot blast furnace is a kind of heating equipment with high efficiency and energy saving.The heating rate is fast, and it takes only 20 minutes from heating to normal operation.High degree of automation, wind temperature can be arbitrarily adjusted within the rated range.The hot air is stable and the temperature control accuracy can be within ±5℃.Safe and reliable, complete safety device.
  • Continuous Waste Tire Pyrolysis Plant

    Continuous Waste Tire Pyrolysis Plant

    Will be shattered fragments of the tire after a belt conveyor, belt scale, screw conveyor, etc to the negative pressure in the continuous pyrolysis system through pyrolysis, in system after the gas phase reaction temperature 450-550 ℃ under the condition of vacuum fast pyrolysis reaction, generate the pyrolysis oil, carbon black, pyrolysis wire and combustible gas, combustible gas by separation of oil and gas recovery unit after enter into the hot blast stove burning, for the whole production system to provide the reaction heat, achieve self-sufficiency in energy;
  • Carbon Black Grinding Equipment

    Carbon Black Grinding Equipment

    Material by jaw crusher broken, under the action of bucket elevator, was sent to the storage bin, after through electromagnetic vibrating feeder will deliver material evenly and orderly to Raymond mill for grinding, after the grinding powder under the action of blower blows the sorting analysis machine, after the separation of material from the pipeline to big cyclone to collect powder, later in the output of discharging mouth, to complete the grinding process of carbon black.
  • Waste Plastic Pyrolysis Plant

    Waste Plastic Pyrolysis Plant

    Used for resource utilization of waste plastics. Through the thorough decomposition of high molecular polymers in waste plastic products, they return to the state of small molecules or monomers to produce fuel oil and solid fuels. Under the premise of safety, environmental protection, and continuous and stable operation, the Recycling, harmlessness, and reduction of waste plastics. The company's waste plastic pyrolysis production line uses a special composite catalyst and a special composite dechlorination agent to remove acid gases such as hydrogen chloride generated by the cracking of PVC in a timely manner, extending the service life of the equipment.
  • Batch Type Waste Tire Pyrolysis Plant

    Batch Type Waste Tire Pyrolysis Plant

    The pyrolysis method is one of the comprehensive and high value-added methods in the treatment of waste tires. Through the pyrolysis technology of waste tire treatment equipment, raw materials such as waste tires and waste plastics can be processed to obtain fuel, carbon black and steel wire. The process has the characteristics of zero pollution and high oil yield.
  • Oilsludge Pyrolysis Plant

    Oilsludge Pyrolysis Plant

    It is used for the reduction, harmless treatment and resource utilization of sludge to realize soil remediation. By separating the water and organic matter in the sludge from the soil, the mineral oil content in the solid product after the cracking treatment is less than 0 05%. Under the premise of safety, environmental protection, and continuous and stable operation, the sludge Reduction, harmless treatment and resource utilization.
  • burner


    Boiler burner is referring to the boiler burner, boiler burner fuel and gas boiler is the most important supporting auxiliary equipment, boiler burner is mainly divided into fuel burner and gas burner and dual fuel burner, including fuel burner can be divided into light oil burner and heavy oil burner, light oil mainly refers to diesel, heavy oil refers to oil extraction gasoline, diesel oil after the rest of the heavy oil;Gas burners can be divided into natural gas burners, city gas burners, LPG burners and biogas burners.
  • Waste Plastic Crushing Equipment

    Waste Plastic Crushing Equipment

    Plastic crusher is widely used in the recycling of waste plastic and factory plastic scrap recycling plastic crusher motor power between 3.5 and 150 kilowatts, the cutter roller speed is generally between 150 and 500rpm, the structure has a tangent feed, top feed points;The knife roller is different from the solid knife roller and hollow knife roller.
  • Waste Tire Crushing Equipment

    Waste Tire Crushing Equipment

    The waste tire processing production line is a large-scale complete set of equipment that completely separates the three major raw materials contained in the tire: rubber, steel wire, and fiber at room temperature and realizes 100% recycling. The waste tire processing production line can recycle tires within the diameter range of 400-3000mm according to customer requirements, with strong applicability, the output size can be controlled within the range of 5-100mm, and the output can reach 200-10000kg/h. The production line runs at room temperature and will not cause secondary pollution to the environment. The production line adopts PLC control system, which is easy to operate and maintain, with low energy consumption and long service life.
  • Distillation Equipment

    Distillation Equipment

    The pyrolysis oil produced by waste plastic and waste tire is distilled again. The main technical index can reach the standard of 0# or -10# diesel oil and can be used instead of the latter. The price can also be increased by $230/ton than the crude oil.
  • Domestic waste pyrolysis plant

    Domestic waste pyrolysis plant

    Municipal solid waste and household solid waste are generally made up of discarded daily consumables.This common waste is usually placed in a black bag or bin containing a mixture of wet and dry recyclable materials, organic, inorganic and biodegradable materials.
    Urban domestic waste and household waste generally consist of discarded daily consumables. This kind of ordinary garbage is usually placed in a black bag or trash can, which contains a mixture of wet and dry recyclable materials, organic, inorganic and biodegradable materials.
    The domestic waste treatment equipment researched and manufactured by our company is fully automated from feeding to the end of the sorting process. It can process 300-500 tons per day and only need 3-5 people to operate. The whole set of equipment does not require fire, chemical raw materials, and water. It is an environmental protection recycling project advocated by the state.