Plastic recycling-the details of the chemical recycling business carried out by the original plastic manufacturers including SABIC attracted attention

Last year, the details of the chemical recycling business carried out by the original plastic manufacturers including SABIC attracted attention. | Casimiro PT/Shutter
In the past 12 months, plastic recycling stakeholders can certainly learn a lot from it-actions are not limited to the uncertainty caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.
In 2020, the industry has witnessed a huge movement from brand owners and high-quality plastic producers who are trying to position themselves more effectively in the field of plastic recycling. The processor has also taken an important step in terms of technological progress. Of course, stakeholders have experienced a lot of market turmoil.
The following list shows the 10 most-read online stories of “Plastic Recycling Update” in 2020 with unique page views. The most viewed stories are listed in slot 1 at the bottom, so make sure to keep scrolling.
10 | Mixed trends in plastic pricing May 13: At the end of spring, natural HDPE has increased (as part of the record price increase in resin prices), but most other post-consumer plastic grades are traded at lower prices.
9 | California reinstates the bag ban and PCR requirements June 24: After being shelved due to COVID-19, the single-use plastic bag ban and reusable bag recyclables mandatory regulations re-entered in California in the early summer.
8 | Avangard will provide Dow with PCR pellets. 15: In early 2020, The Dow Chemical Company signed an agreement to purchase recycled polyethylene pellets from Avangard Innovative. The petrochemical giant provided recycled plastics to North American customers for the first time.
7 | PreZero launched its California film recycling business on July 1: A company focused on absorbing difficult-to-recycle plastics began operating its first factory in the middle of the year.
6 | The group criticizes brand owners for plastic pollution June 17: As You Sow said, the largest consumer-oriented company failed to meet the requirements for reducing plastic pollution and called on them to support measures such as recycling.
5 | Low-quality plastic pricing further limits the recycling market. May 6: By mid-spring, the coronavirus pandemic has piled up on existing market conflicts, causing price fluctuations and creating uncertainty for end users on how to achieve their sustainability commitments.
4 | Critical roadside plastics are no longer “widely” recyclable. 5: Changes in the U.S. recycling program have led to the reduction of the recyclability classification of non-bottled rigid PET containers and certain PP products in the How2Recycle label program, which may affect the recycling of these materials.
3 | How an advanced production line recycles PET thermoforming materials April 6: A Mexican company, Green Impact Plastics, built a $7 million factory in Southern California and installed optimized machinery to overcome challenges that hinder the thermoforming process.
2 | End users increase their purchases of recycled plastics. 4: This fall, Dr. Keurig Pepper, Unilever and other global giants announced their intention to strengthen the use of PCR technology.
1 | Plastics manufacturers tout pyrolysis as OCT. 1: Announcements related to chemical recycling were issued throughout 2020, and in early autumn, the three giants-Chevron Phillips Chemical, SABIC and BASF-provided the latest information about their companies. Obviously, the plastic recycling industry has been paying close attention.

Post time: Jan-11-2021