hot blast heater

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The hot blast furnace is a kind of heating equipment with high efficiency and energy saving.The heating rate is fast, and it takes only 20 minutes from heating to normal operation.High degree of automation, wind temperature can be arbitrarily adjusted within the rated range.The hot air is stable and the temperature control accuracy can be within ±5℃.Safe and reliable, complete safety device.

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Product Detail:
1.The hot air furnace body and control of the whole set of equipment are all designed and made by ourselves, which can ensure the coordination between various components and reduce the failure caused by the uncoordination of each part. Even if there is a fault, it can be solved with the fastest speed.
2.The hot air furnace adopts the direct mixing type, which has the highest utilization rate of heat, can obtain a higher temperature, generate hot air fast, easy to maintain, can improve production efficiency and save cost.
3.combustion chamber body shape for closed cylindrical whole steel structure, the design temperature of 1100 ℃, using custom aluminum silicate fiber lining shield module, can effectively guarantee the stability of gas combustion and burning rate, can lower the furnace temperature and the protection of combustor can meet the needs of combustion, heat insulation, heat preservation, the outer surface temperature of hot air stove at around 60 ℃, and does not require oven and maintain, even if the frequent start-stop furnace chamber of a stove or furnace also won't appear refractory material fracture, guarantee the normal work of the equipment under various conditions.
4. Reasonable configuration of access port and observation hole on the furnace body, flexible opening and tight closing structure design, reduce the phenomenon of furnace gas overflow and cold air inhalation.
5.Explosion-proof mouth is designed on the furnace body to avoid damage to the furnace body in case of accidents and extend the service life of the equipment.


Equipment advantages:
1. Nowadays, most kiln processes require the furnace to heat up and cool down frequently, and the constant change of temperature will cause water evaporation in the firebrick, shrinkage of the firebrick wall, settlement, crack or even fracture of the lining, resulting in poor thermal insulation performance and short service life of the furnace.
2. The firebrick masonry wall structure makes it difficult to repair the furnace. Firebrick demolition and relaying, long construction cycle, high maintenance cost.
3. Ceramic fiber module as a new type of environmental protection wall insulation material, ceramic fiber module is very stable in heat resistance, can be used in the range of -40℃~1430℃, heat resistance, thermal insulation layer does not crack, do not fall off, do not burn, and acid, alkali, oil and other excellent chemical stability.
4. The characteristics of ceramic fiber modules are mainly reflected in the following aspects:
1) Low thermal capacity, low thermal conductivity.
2) Excellent thermal stability, tensile strength and chemical stability.
3) Good thermal stability and thermal shock resistance.
4) Noise reduction and sound absorption, uniform thickness, can be directly used for heat insulation in the kiln, easy to install and use.
5. In the past, ordinary old fiber modules were mainly used in annealing furnaces with low flue gas flow rate, because the wind resistance of ordinary fiber modules is only 15-18m/s, and the flow rate in normal hot blast furnaces can reach 30-35m/s. Therefore, the old fiber modules are not used in flue gas hot blast furnaces.


Our service:
1.Quality warranty period: One year warranty for the main reactor of pyrolysis machines and lifetime maintenance for complete set of machines.
2.Our company sends engineers for installation and commissioning in buyer's site including the training of skills of buyer's workers on operation, maintenance, etc.
3. Supply layout according to buyer's workshop and land, civil works information, operation manuals, etc. to the buyer.
4. For the damage caused by the users, our company provides the parts and accessories with cost price.
5. Our factory supplies the wearing parts with the cost price to clients.

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